Strange Fire: Part 1

God takes what we do for Him very seriously. Everything we do for God, including our worship, should never be taken lightly.

The Ten Commandments: #2

We are told by God in the second commandment to not make any graven image, nor bow down to these images.

The Ten Commandments: #1

There is only one true God in the heavens. Believing in and/or worshipping other gods is idolatry, which God hates.

Calling Out The Lost To Come To Jesus

Calling all Satanists, witches, atheists and those in false religions to come to Jesus. Your unbelief, false beliefs, and/or wickedness will cause you to die in in your sins and go to hell lest you repent and come to Jesus.

False Religions

If you, knowingly are a part of a false religion, then l I ask, and God asks also, for You to come out of it for Christ’s sake.

Give Up Your Idol Worship

As Christians, we ought to fear the Lord and not have any gods before Him. So we give up our idols and false worship for God.

Only One Way To Heaven

There is no other way to heaven but through Jesus alone. Therefore, keep your eyes fixed upon Him that you may not be deceived.

Worship Jesus

Come and worship Jesus today. You may have been told not to, but the Bible says that He is worthy of our praise, honor, and worship.