Today’s Prayer (09/15/2021)

Oh Lord, thank You for speaking through me this day. As I stopped my car I was greeted by my neighbor who was excited to see me. This was after a two-hour drive home and I was tired, but seeing the smile on his face led me to greet him with love and to witness Your truths with him and his friend. Yes, God. It was at that moment that I walked close to where they were sitting and asked them if they were believers in You. My neighbor was excited and said yes, but I knew his friend didn’t feel the same way about You. So I asked him, “why don’t you believe in Jesus?” When he said it was because he was Muslim, I knew that I could only get through to him if you were with me. No matter what I would say, he would reject it unless the Holy Spirit was there doing the speaking. So at that moment, I invoked the Holy Spirit to speak and You did. Wow! Thank You, God. I couldn’t believe all the verses in the Bible that were flooding through my mind as I helped this Muslim man understand that You are God, Jesus. Just as You spoke to John, I also believe that You are Alpha and Omega, the First and The Last, the Beginning and the ending. And as You told the Pharisees, You are the great “I Am”. There is no one like You, God. These references of Yourself were spoken to Moses and Isaiah and other prophets. Thank You for allowing me to get through to this Muslim man with these verses and others. Lord, I pray that he will turn from his sins and come to You, Jesus. There is salvation only through You and not Muhammad. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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