Today’s Prayer (09/06/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will give me wisdom that is beyond my understanding. There are so many mysteries in the Bible that I need answers to. I read Your words daily, in order to better understand them and to teach them to others. It is my prayer that Your mysteries will be unfolded unto me. Little by little, give me more and more understanding. Just like pastors who need to understand the Bible through the Holy Spirit, lead me the same way. Help me and others in the faith be led by You at all times who are pastors, elders, teachers, evangelists, and other leaders in church and outside those walls. We need Your wisdom, in order to be strong in the faith and not go astray. I rely on You being my guide in order to know what is right in this wicked world and cling to what is good. Truly, what we see in this world is evil, where most people cling to what is bad. Good and evil have been flipped upside down, which is very sad. Abortion is seen as ok for women to do with their bodies, although babies are murdered. The LGBTQ have their own pride months and festivals, where good people are turning to this abomination unknowingly. We got the Bible and prayer being removed from schools, which is making more people atheists than not. I truly hate what is happening, for it blasphemes Your good name in so many ways, God. As You hate what is evil, I have learned to do the same. Not the person, but the wicked acts that follow. Keep me ever in Your light and love. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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