Today’s Prayer (05/29/2021)

Oh Lord, lead every person who is currently sharing the gospel. I am speaking of every person who has become Your witness in all the world. Give them words to speak that knock on doors, speak to people one on one, including social media, pray with people, and pass out gospel tracts. It is wonderful to know what they are doing, and we need more people so willing to get out there for You. To simply open their mouths and allow You to fill them. I just pray that they do not get out of control and say things they will later regret. So cast out of every person who wishes to be Your witness the spirit of strife, envy, pride, and contention. Fill them up with Your love, and patience. Only then can people learn to be Your witness and lead people to know You, and not to go further away from it. Darkness never mixes well with light, for one will always overtake the other. Therefore, help us to not get caught up in things that the flesh is moving us to do, but what You desire for us instead. As for me, I submit my life to not only follow You but to do as You lead me. People on earth are so precious, and I desire to lead as many of them to know You before it is too late. Be with me, God. I love You. Amen.

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