Today’s Prayer (12/14/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will come to know You the way that You always wanted. That people will not just say they believe in You but make You the highest priority of their lives. You do desire to do a mighty work in each of our lives, but only a few people allow this to happen. And I just ask these people, why have they resisted to hear Your voice and follow You. Each waking hour of our lives You are calling us to You, but people’s ears are closed off. They can’t see the worth of doing Your will when the flesh is being pleased in the moment. If people could just be given a vision of their judgment day, then all things would make sense to them. People would no longer delay the day of their repentance or straddle the fence. Too many people have one foot in the world and another in Your kingdom. And where are their priorities? Do they come home from school or work and get out their Bible to read it? Do they begin to pray and bless You for another day? If they did, then life would be much different in the world we live in. There would be a lot less sin and people going down because of temptation. Surely, the devil cannot hold a candle to your power in us, but this candle is only lit in certain individuals. Will people allow You to light there’s? This is what I am hoping and praying for. As for me, my life is Yours. Whatever You desire for me to do, I will go and do. I am Yours. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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