Today’s Prayer (04/18/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will awake these people that have once followed You but are now on their own path which leads to destruction. Surely, when You mention destruction in scripture, this can only mean hell, come death. So my heart is burdened for people that I know and love who are also on this wicked path. In this time that we live in, people have made unto themselves their own idols. It may not be in the form of a graven image, but still an idol in the sense of the word. For people have lifted up sports stars, music artists, and tv and movie actors ahead of you. People look them up on the internet more than they seek Your face in prayer. Even their phones have become a substitute for actually visiting people and even sadly calling them. What is very sad, Lord, is that people spend hours on end on these devices and even gaming consoles, where the Bible is not even opened. Lord, I can’t believe what I am seeing. Asking people the amount of time spent on their devices is a lot, but their time with You is very little. How can this be, Lord? What a wicked and abominable generation I am living in. People have become zombies in what they watch on television and what they do on their electronic devices. This is idolatry, where they are giving these things over to worship and praise. May this begin to stop in Your mighty Name, Jesus. I am pleading that if only a dozen people out of a thousand stopped, this would be glorious for Your kingdom. I’d rather see twelve more people be saved, then to know that they died in their sins. I love You, Lord. With all my heart do I follow and do as You say, God. Amen.
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