Today’s Prayer (04/11/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for dying for my sins. I am so grateful to know You and to be cleansed by Your blood. For many years did I walk apart from Your love, and didn’t realize what I was missing. I thought I had it all with the latest technology, the games I was playing, and the fulfillment of my sexual desires. In all this, there was always shame associated with what I was doing. There was never anything good to come from it, but only a reflection of my guilt that came with it. This always led me to seek Your hand, but it was never sincere until I finally humbled myself. Then, could I see how wretched of a person I had become. I thought I had everything, but really I had nothing. My life was collapsing before my eyes and death and hell was near me. However, in my prayers, You heard my cries and had mercy for my soul. Even in all my sins, You cleansed me through Your blood. I was lost, but You found me, Jesus. Now, I understand the importance of the cross, because Your sacrifice was able to save a wretch like me. Thank You, Lord. I am not worthy of Your mercy and grace. I should have died and been lost forever, but You gave me another chance. Oh, the compassion that is within You. It is like no other. No other person could be willing to bear the penalty of our sins, while dying on a cross. You suffered so much for us, that we may live with You in heaven. Wow, God, You are so gracious and wonderful in every way. I have no other words to say, for I am in awe of Your sacrifice. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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