Today’s Prayer (02/06/2020)

Oh Lord, even when I am weak, You make me strong. You hear my cries and come to my rescue. I am not left alone in my tears, for You listen to every word I say and give me comfort. As You have said in scripture, You have also made known to me what a Savior is really like. I am not alone, for You are by my side every day of my life. When I wake, You give me new breath to live another day for You. I may be tempted, but You help me overcome them. I am led to safety when the enemy comes my way because You love me. Thank You for knowing what is ailing me at times, and giving me wise counsel, so that I may get through it. People may be hard on me at times, but still You help me know how to handle things in the best way possible. It is true that in Your service not everybody will be for You, but there will be people that only want to tear down Your message of hope. They may even say harsh things to me and others with me while trying to hurt us, but still I know where to go and what to say to them and others, for You are leading me. Even if people appear to be friends, but say things behind my back, I will press forward in faith knowing that they will see who I really am for You as time goes by. I can’t help it if people want to be mean to others, but only pray that they will see their wrongs and repent. So, Lord, I pray for any person that is going through trials and adversity right now in their lives. Bring comfort and peace to their heart and soul. Help them through the difficult times, that they may come out victorious with You at the head. Surely, we are not alone, for You are our God and our great King. I love You, Lord. I praise You and give You great glory. Amen.
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