Today’s Prayer (11/24/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will do justly with their money, for Your sake. Too many people are spending it on things they do not need, while those that are in need suffer because of their wrong choices. What is really sad is to see people try to earn as much money as they can, while still not doing anything for the homeless, their churches they attend in tithing or offerings, or simply looking outside themselves, in order to see and give to those that are more in need than themselves. Truly the world would be a better place if we all loved You more than money. Then, would our desires be less for ourselves and more for the building up of Your kingdom, and to giving to those less fortunate. Instead of heartache, depression, and divorce, that is caused by financial issues, all this could be fixed if people were more content in what You gave them and less of what the world offers. Thank You, Lord, for teaching me this and for helping me remember that seeking You first is the most important thing for my life. It is because with Your presence I am strong, but without Your presence, I am left alone, while making the worst decisions I can possible. I don’t wish to be unhappy, but money and having more treasures because of it is what does this to me. Oh, the hardships this has put on my family, because of my selfish purchases. I am so sorry Lord. I don’t wish to have my family suffer any longer because of what my flesh desires. Instead, I hope and pray that I will be content in what I have and give what I do not need to those in need. May this good desire, that only comes from You, stick with me in my heart for all my life. For all I need is You now, Jesus. I love You more than any earthly treasure. I believe in and trust in what You can do for my life for salvation. Thank You for your guidance. Amen.
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