Today’s Prayer (07/22/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray for the souls of those lost to sexual sin. I speak to their addiction to pornography and ask that You cast it out in Your holy name, Jesus. What they are looking at is causing evil spirits to take over their body and I pray that You will come unto them, in this very moment of their confessions and set them free. Take every person that is willing to change their lives and make them new again. May they walk in newness of life and no longer seek to do things that will only destroy themselves, both body and soul. I speak to those also that have sex outside of marriage and think that what they are doing is OK. Convict them otherwise Lord. Help them realize that what they are doing should be kept between husband and wife and no one else. Then, will they see that they are doing is wrong and repent. Lord, I speak to every person living in homosexual sin also. It pains me to see how far this world has become in these many years that I’ve been blessed to live on this earth. How twisted has sexuality become and I pray that You will put Your Holy Spirit inside people, like me and other good Christians, who desire to be a light to this lost generation. And when we speak to these people and others that are living for themselves and not for Your will, may You do the talking through us. I wish that everyone could know how sin affects their lives. It surely kills their relationship with You and their salvation, at that. There is only darkness in such whoredoms. How abominable has this world become. Change the atmosphere Lord. May people learn the truth about sexual sin and run from it. You have the power to change lives and I pray that many more people will be saved because of their desire to repent. I love You Lord. You are my greatest joy. Amen.

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