Today’s Prayer (07/07/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all be ready to receive Your calling for our lives. Yes, Lord, I know that the day that I gave my life to You, was the day that my life new life began. And doing this, I am ready to go all in and serve You in any way that You would please. May Your presence rest upon me and give me the strength I need to fulfill Your mission in my life. I trust in You, Jesus and need Your guidance and direction through the Holy Spirit. It has been made known to me how lost this world has become and it is saddens me to think of where their destiny will be, if they were to die in their lost state. Therefore, I am willing to devote my time and effort into searching out the lost and finding the one person who is willing to come unto You. Even if I have to speak to thousands of people and only lead a dozen of them to You, I know that Your work has been done. In these things do I give You all the glory. I am not deserving of any praise, but give it all to You, my Lord. Take my willing hands and use them for Your glory. Teach me to walk in Your ways, that Your light may shine forth. I desire that every person that I encounter will know that I serve You, Lord. They need to know that there is salvation in Your Name Jesus. And if any of these people are interested in discussing why, I am happy to witness more of Your abundant truths from the Bible with them. I love You Lord. Your ways are my ways. Simply lead me to where I need to go and I will obey. I am Your witness and am here now to bring souls unto You, Jesus. May all the world know that only You can save them. You have the power to free us from our sins and lead us from death and unto life. I trust in You, Lord and I say these things in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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