Today’s Prayer (01/08/2019)

Lord God, this world is surely in trouble and I pray that You will come into people’s lives and open their eyes before it is too late. I am afraid that the wages of sexual sin and pornography has taken way to many lives down the pit of hell and their souls are in jeopardy. These people have gone down a very dark road and there is no light in sight. Will you wake as many people up today that will listen to You. Help them know that looking at such things is not worth it. That the pleasures of the flesh is not worth losing our salvation over. I know that only You could pull me out of this addiction and I pray that as people submit their lives to You, today, that You will cleanse their wicked hearts also. May all the darkness be scattered and Your light enter them. They may not have the power to resist temptation right now, but You can build them up, Lord. You can give them the armor to fight against sin and no longer walk in it. You have done this for me and I am set free. You have given me freedom from the bondage that I was under. Satan had a hold of me, but You were able to cut those chains lose. Thank You for Your mercy and forgiveness. I did not deserve it but You extended it to me anyways. How gracious You are, my God. My hope is in You, Jesus. You are my rock and my firm foundation. I can do no evil with You in my life. I love You. Amen.
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