Today’s Prayer (03/07/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray that many ex-Mormons will be saved. I am speaking of Mormons now that will one day come to You for salvation. This would mean denying what they were taught and allowing You to teach them. I know that many Christians have been trying to help them over the years, and to no avail. How many of these people have listened and turned from their sins, we will never know. All I know is that I have many family members that are still deeply set in their Mormon ways. Even having a conversation about You, God, is difficult. It is like they speak an entirely different language than Christians do when it comes to Your truth. Don’t they realize that this means that the Spirit in Christianity is different than the spirit in Mormonism? How You left Your church the Holy Spirit, which never would be destroyed. Where false prophets and teachers are led by evil spirits. Lord, cast them out, for I know that many Mormons are possessed and don’t even realize it. Why else would talking to them be so unfruitful with them being set in their ways? Give them eyes to see. I love You, Jesus. I believe in You, Lord. You deserve the glory and the praise. Amen.

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