Today’s Prayer (11/12/2022)

Lord, be with those when times are difficult. Many of us have a chronic illness and it causes us to have much pain and difficulty throughout the day. I truly wish that healing could come to me and others who need it most. I just know that death comes to us all. Some people don’t have to go through this pain and die while sleeping or instantly in wrecks. Chronic nose and throat issues, like I experience, are terrible. It feels like I have a cold each day, and it is hard to find relief. Lord, chronic back problems cause so many people to fall into depression. Because of my problem, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and more, we need Your peace to sustain us through these hard times. God, I have seen many people that I know and love die because of cancer. It takes people so fast and leads to many unanswered questions. At funerals, peace is what we all need. We need Your presence and comfort. Be with those who have passed on also, Jesus. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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