Today’s Prayer (08/14/2022)

Oh Lord, You deserve the highest praise. I once thought that I could never be good enough for You. I have done some horrible things. Thank You, for taking my debt from me. You didn’t have to die for my sins on the cross, but You did so because of Your love for me. You have given me a new life and it is amazing in every fashion of the word. Thank You for using me for Your kingdom. I know that many people are against me and would have me stop this work that You have started in my life. They don’t understand the importance of proclaiming the good news of the gospel to every person and in all nations. You have given me words to speak and in so doing, false teachings are exposed. Praise God! I know that this comes with much persecution. People will fight against me in these new desires from You, the most High God. So Lord, use me for Your kingdom. Whatever I have left in the tank that can be done to further the gospel in all this world. Lead my path, that many more people will be saved. I only desire to do Your will, God. It is my desire that people know how Great You are, God. Not to forsake You by way of their sinful lifestyle, but to give it all up to follow You, Jesus. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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