Today’s Prayer (10/22/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that not only me, but many others will heed Your calling for our lives, and also follow You. I do not wish to miss the ark as many others have already. I also pray that You will lead me to people that I can help come to know You, Jesus. I do not wish that anybody else that knows me will die in their sins and be punished come judgment day. It may not be a physical boat that we need to enter like in the times of the flood, but it is similar when we come to know You by heeding Your commands and not turning back. I love to look to You in faith, for You are always there for me. You deserve the highest praise, of which sing to You now, most precious God. I wish that I would always know Your will for my life and also give into it at all times. So please continue to press into me this day and forever, while giving me the answers in life that I am seeking. Also, if there is something I am not seeking that I should be, give me counsel in that also. Also, help me know if I am not in your right standing. I don’t want to follow what the flesh desires but be led by the Holy Spirit instead. It is my desire to be in line with Your will and not my own. Keep me afloat that I may not drown because of willful sins and false beliefs. If you are with me, I can achieve anything in life. I love You, Lord. Keep my ways straight and narrow, which lead to heaven. I want more of You and less me. I believe that You are God, Jesus, and the Lord of my life. I trust in You, God, above all else. Amen.

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