Today’s Prayer (06/12/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will prepare for Your coming. We may not know if we will be one of those people who will be alive when that day happens, but we will live for You each day nonetheless. If I am to die before that great and dreadful day, I will still see You. On that day, You will open all the graves of the righteous. To be among them, or be alive in that day does not matter. I just want to be raised up in the clouds to be with You, Jesus. Alive or in death, I will finally rise to be with You, my King. Lead, guide, and light up my life. Protect me from the enemy. Do not let the darkness of this world creep into my life. Build me up in Your armor, that I might fight against the enemy each time He strikes. As for alcohol or drugs, I will not let myself be tangled up in them. To remain sober-minded and not drunken in things like this is the least I can do for You, Jesus. Be near me all the days of my life. Help me to not stumble, but to walk faithfully for You. When this life is over, I pray that You will allow me to run to You, in order for me to hug You. I want You to know that I love You and that is why I live for You, Jesus. Amen.
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