Today’s Prayer (04/20/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that each one of our minds will be steadfast on You. Help us to not be tempted by the evil one, but to stay in Your love. There is peace and hope for each person who puts their trust in You, but guilt and shame for those who do not. I often wonder where people’s hearts are really, who say they are for You. Do they live a life that is pleasing in Your sight, or do they work iniquity like the rest of the wicked and unbelievers? I know that our belief in You means a lot to those who truly love You, but very little to those who do not. When asked if they are a Christian, they may sit and pause for a minute before saying yes. Where deep down they know they have gone astray. Maybe, just maybe, does this conversation leads them back to You, Jesus, but I am afraid most people continue their same way of life after the fact. As for me, Lord, You are everything I need. Each day I have breath, it is because You gave it to me. I am alive today and other days in the past because of my will to serve You. Use me for Your kingdom, God, even until the end of my days. Lead me ever in Your light and from the hand of the evil one. I love You more than anything else. Amen.

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