Today’s Prayer (03/30/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will learn how to love one another. That we will remember that when we do good unto others, we are also doing it unto You. So when we help a person who is struggling financially with their groceries, we jump in and pray for them without even thinking twice. And we are not looking for anything paid back in return also. Doing good unto others doesn’t need anything credited back to us, for we just want to love one another as You love us, Jesus. We know that we can be a light in this wicked and perverse generation if we just continue to seek You daily. I know that to be true, for every day that I remain connected to You in constant prayer and studying the Bible, all I want to do is tell people about You, Jesus, and do good unto others. It is the Spirit of God that has transformed me into the person You have always wanted. Sometimes I slip up and do my own things, but I am so grateful that You continue to forgive me when I return to You. It is like my slate is wiped clean all over again. You are so merciful and just, and continue to use me over and over, though my flesh is weak. Thank You, Lord, for continuing to trust in me over these many years. You have given me boldness to speak to people about You and Your gospel. I am also unafraid to approach people in need now and supply their needs. You are my guide and I will follow You. I love You. Amen.
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