Today’s Prayer (03/10/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will understand the downfalls of sin in each of our lives. Help us know what wicked desires and actions do to a person on the inside. How it takes us down a path that leads to destruction. Therefore, it is my prayer that people no longer stay in willful sin, but confess their faults one to another, and most especially unto You, God. How can we say that we are Christian if we are continuing to willfully sin against You, God? There must be remorse for our sins if we think that we are on Your side. And to these people, I ask if they are in constant prayer and supplication unto You, oh Lord? Are they confessing their sins when they do falter, that they may get back up again? The enemy may strike us down, but still, we need to be running back to You for forgiveness and mercy. And even more than this do I pray that people will allow You to build themselves up in Your armor. Only then can we stand tall against Satan and also win the battles. Surely, He does not like it one bit when we have Your presence in our lives. This is because his temptations are no match to the Holy Spirit. Yes, God, when we are living in Your right standing there is a barrier between us and the enemy. He may try to take us down, but as long as we abide in You, Jesus, He will always end up losing in the end. So I pray that people will learn to seek You first in this life. This means that before we do anything for our self that we pray and read the Bible. And not just once a day, but continuing to call upon Your Name in prayer and in our confessions. We desire Your guidance and direction for our lives. Then, can we walk in Your righteousness. I believe in You, God. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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