Today’s Prayer (10/13/2020)

Thank You, Lord, for giving me words to speak this day. I knew that You desired of me not to go in my house and sit down when I got home from work, but to go forth and preach the gospel. It was so evident that even You sent a young lady to plead for me to go out and preach. Thank You, God, for sending her to my car, as I got home. I had witnessed to her many times in the past and this time she ran to me and told me how she was feeling. How in her house it is very hard for her to praise You, for so many wicked things are happening in it daily. That she needed prayed over and uplifted through the Bible and music. Surely, You sent her to me, to awaken me also. I was ready to go through my normal routine of reading the Bible, writing a devotional, and praying afterward, but today was much more than that. You were desirous that I would show actions also. How I cannot continue to go forth filling myself up with Your Word and not allowing others to be benefited from it also. And if You gave me a gift of preaching and teaching, I should very well use this gift while I still have breath. No sickness was going to bring me down today, for You had a word to share with people in my neighborhood. I know that I am not mighty in speech, but with Your words flowing deep in my soul, I can carry on for a very long time. Even do You bring verses from the Bible to my remembrance as I am preaching. I am amazed how many times it is word for word, for only You could show me those verses in the very hour I am speaking. Lord, I trust in You. Continue to use me as Your willing servant this day and forever. I love You, God. I give You praise and glory. Amen

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