Sinner’s Prayer (06/24/2020)

Oh Lord, I am sorry for my sins. I know that You can see my life, and nothing is done in secret. Therefore, I am filthy in Your sight and weighed down by my sins. I feel terrible for betraying You and going after the lusts of my flesh, instead of standing strong. Will You forgive a wretch like me? I know that I have strayed from Your presence, but I am here now in order to be changed and led from the darkness I have been in and be led into Your light. I bend my knee before You and plead for Your mercy. It is my true desire to start looking to You in faith and not be led by the enemy any longer. All I ask of You is to give me clean hands, that I may not fall victim to the same evil things as before. Cast out of my life anything that is still clinging to the addictions, and bad habits I have been under. Take every evil influence away from my life. I don’t want any part of it, even these wicked people I have been hanging around with, I want nothing more of what they offer. All I desire is that You cleanse me through Your blood. Make me whole again, Jesus. Sanctify me and place me on Your righteous path. I will pray more often and start reading the Bible daily, for I need Your wisdom. Know that I am ready to follow You now, even every step of the way. You are my Lord and my God. The king of my life. I trust in You. Please forgive me. I pray that You will take me in. I am waiting on You, Lord. I want to be used by You now. I love You, Jesus. May my life also showcase this love in all that I say and do. Amen.
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