Today’s Prayer (05/02/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will give me words to speak this day and forever. Help me to always know Your will, that I may never lean unto my own understanding. I need Your understanding in my life, that I may be able to always distinguish between what is good and evil. I do not wish to have the lines to be blurred in any way, because of sin in my life. So if there is anything inside of me or in my house now that doesn’t glorify You, but brings in darkness instead, bring it to my attention immediately. I do not wish to grieve the Holy Spirit, but to always have the comforter with me at all times. Nothing I am doing or possess now is more important than abiding in You and doing Your will. I am ready to give up anything for Your cause, for You are my Savior and Lord of all. I will remove out of my life and destroy whatever does not honor You, and I pray that others will make this choice today as well. Lord, nothing I can gain in this world is worth more than having Your presence with me. I would never want to replace Your love with superficial love that comes with meddling in sexual sin and porn. These things are grievous in Your sight and only lead to temporary pleasure, plus guilt and shame afterward. Therefore, lead me far from the hands of the evil one and draw me into Your fold at all times. You are the rock upon which I stand. Nothing is greater. So Lord, as I go out into the world and teach and preach the gospel, give me understanding. Help me to see the evils of this world, and also have the courage to speak out against it. May Your words be what comes forth out of my mouth. Fill me with the Holy Spirit at all times, that I may continue to be a valiant servant for Your kingdom. I love You, Lord. You have blessed me beyond measure, and I am so grateful. Amen.
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