Today’s Prayer (04/03/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will remember You at all times and in all places. Help them to remember who they are in the faith and not go astray. The enemy likes to disguise what is evil as good, so help us keep our eyes wide open, that we may not fall victim to willful sin. Many times things look way to appealing and then we find out in the end that it was grievous in Your sight what we did. We may think, oh, I can just do what the flesh needs and then ask for forgiveness later. Nobody will know if I look at pornography. Who will even know if I stay the night with my girlfriend? People will not even realize it come Sunday that I went out drinking. These are the kind of thoughts that go through a person’s mind, and because Satan’s temptations are so difficult to guard ourselves against, people that think this way often fall victim to the sins that they are justifying. Lord, it isn’t until the act of sin is done, that people in the faith realize what they did and feel so violated because of it. This is very sad, for I know how this is myself. I’ve fallen many times, and I know how bad I feel afterward. It is like I have left You, and our relationship is now tarnished, which makes me very sad. In all this, God, I repent this day of my sins and pray that others will join me. May we no longer do what we know is wrong, but call upon Your Name when we feel like we can’t guard ourselves against the enemy any longer. I know that I am not capable of backing down when things appear out of my control, but I know that You will give me a way out. All I need to do, and others also, is to trust in You. Lord, we need to pray unceasingly and have You in our thoughts at all times. You are strength and our shield. I lift You up in praise. Thank You for leading me to safety. I love You. Amen.

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