Today’s Prayer (06/18/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that those in the faith will become doers of what You say and not just believers in word only. I know that our faith can do great and mighty things in our lives, if our trust is truly in You and not in ourselves alone. However, this only matters when we decide to live for You and no longer for the cares of this world. Lives are changed and darkness is scattered when You take root in our hearts. It is when we are encompassed by Your light that our eyes are opened to our current sinful lifestyle and we are convicted of our sins. Then, as we give ourselves freely to Your will, and repent of our sins, there is freedom found because of Your blood that was spilt for us on the cross. We may have strayed from Your presence and done our own things for many years, but all this is over when we finally give our whole hearts to You in our confessions. I am so grateful Lord for Your mercy. Thank You for showing me grace, even after seeing me live in sexual sin for many years. You heard my cries, even though I didn’t think You could care for someone like me any longer. I deserved Your wrath, but instead You showed me compassion and gave me another chance at life. What a great God You are. Surely, I was wrong when I thought that my faith, without doing Your will, would save me. This only led me on a dark path, of which sin took over my life. Now I know Lord that when I live in Your will is when sin does not abound. I am free from shame and guilt, while doing Your good works and my conscience is clear. It is joyful when I can abide in Your presence and bless other people’s lives. Doing Your will truly makes me more happy than I could possibly imagine. I love You Jesus. Amen.
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