Today’s Prayer (12/19/2018)

I am Yours, Lord. Have Your way inside of me. There is no other place I’d rather be, than to be in Your presence. You bring safety and security to my life. I am no longer walking with shame but courage that You bring to my life. I am ever able to do what is right, for You are my guide. It is when I do not do my part is when I make bad decisions that I regret. You are my safety net, but without You, I am left swimming upstream and have no way out. Lead me from temptation that I may be strong to resist. Build me up in Your armor that my faith will be grow stronger each day. You are my rock and my fortress, nothing can take me down with You in my life. All the darkness is scattered with Your light. The blindness has been taken from my eyes, that I may see the darkness of this world and no longer be a partaker of its wickedness. You have led me on a path of righteousness and I do not wish to quench the Spirit that is in me. So keep me sober and always looking to You in faith. And to those that are coming around to You now, may they be fully changed and brought into Your fold today. Help them find other Christians that will help them throughout their lives. But in all things, may they look to You for knowledge and guidance. Your words in the Bible are a lamp unto my feet and I know that anyone that truly reads Your words will find wisdom and know the way. And may they pray always and never allow the Spirit to leave them. It is priceless and something I never wish to lose. I love You Lord. You are the way and I will seek You all the days of my life. Amen.
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