Today’s Prayer (10/20/2018)

Oh Lord, please come and send the Holy Spirit down to pierce the hearts of people. May they come to a realization that participating in darkness is evil. Surely, we cannot abide in Your light, if darkness rules our life. There are so many dark things in this world and it is taking Christians down with it. My heart sinks to think that people I know and love are allowing themselves to be led by Satan and not You, oh Lord. People may even discount the Halloween holiday and say that there is no harm or foul in participating. But those are all lies and Satan is control of them all. Help us Lord and cause people to escape the temptations of the devil. These things are evil and vile in nature and we need your help. Even if it appears evil, I pray that Christians will finally stand up to it and no longer be partakers. What may seem harmful to the soul is harmful indeed. So God, I pray that people will come to a realization of what is evil in this world and turn from it this day. Our bodies are your temple and therefore, cast out all the darkness and usher in your light. You are faithful to Your promises and I trust in You, Lord. My hope is in my Savior. I love You. Amen.

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