Today’s Prayer (07/23/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Lord, help us all to turn from our sins. Each time we fall under temptation, prick our hearts that we may know what we’ve done is wrong, that we may repent. May their be sorrow in each of us that leads to confession of sins. We are sorry for the sins we have committed today, oh Lord. We do not wish to offend You again. We also do not wish to be tarnished by the lusts of our flesh any longer. Have mercy upon us Lord. Have compassion for our lives and lead us away from the darkness. Cleanse our hearts and minds that we may think and live differently. Help us continually look to You in faith that we may no longer fall willingly into sin. We know that our flesh is weak without You but with You in our lives, we are strong. We can fight the battles that rage in this world and become victorious. With You at the head of our lives we can fight all battles and come out on top. I wish to live for You Lord, not just now, but all the days of my life. Lead me by the hand and strengthen me daily. I need You in my life always. I love You. Amen.
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