Today’s Prayer (05/20/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, this faith has led me to be persecuted but I am not ashamed one bit. I have been called many names for Your cause, but with each blow, my faith is strengthened even more. I will not let such things bring me down. To be known as a Jesus freak or fanatic is a blessing. All this means, Lord, is that people can see Your light in my life. To be called a born again Christian is a blessing. I could never live this new life without Your love. My old life is done away with because You have lifted me out of my dark place. Your Spirit gives me the strength that I need to go on in life. I am honored, Lord, to lift up Your Name. No matter what befalls me, I will go forward in faith. You are my delight among all things. I will lift You higher, even when the storms are coming at me. I pray that these people, that do persecute, will have a change of heart. May they be convicted by the truth of God. Use me to witness to them. I trust in You Lord above all. I love You. Amen.
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