God Will Redeem My Soul

God will redeem our souls and bring us into paradice come death. Our spirits will come out of our earthly bodies and the Lord shall receive us.

It Takes Three In A Marriage

It takes three to have a good marriage and to have children raised up correctly. Marriages crumble and fall because the key person, being God, is missing with both, or one of the spouses. Paul taught, “wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them.” (Colossians 3:18,19) A divided household, when it comes to a person’s disbelief, causes many unnecessary arguments and contention. Even kids are affected in a very bad way. In this situation, children are not raised in the Lord most times. Children have to make a choice in what to believe in and how to live their lives, since their parents were not inline in how they were raised. So if their mother hardly ever prays or reads the Bible, their children most likely won’t also. If she listens to or watches worldly things, her children will most likely do the same. Even if the dad prays often, reads the Bible daily, and watches and listens to faith-inspired content and music, the same kids may begin to dislike or hate the same things. The result is them telling their father to be quiet and use his headphones.

Paul taught, “be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14) So what happens to children that are part of a divided family? As they move out of the house, going to church will not be a priority. What they watch and listen to will be worldly. So can marriages last like this? Unfortunately, most of them don’t. They can continue for a very long time, but without God guiding them both the constant arguing will most likely cause the marriage to end in a divorce. So the cure for any marriage is for the couple to come in unison with God. To teach things that come from the Lord. To listen to and watch things of God on a constant basis. To go to church each week together as a family. Then, the same children will choose to also raise their children in the same way. All children may not turn out this way but if the majority does, then praise God. Therefore, only with God leading the marriage is the way to have a healthy marriage, and have children raised up in the Lord also. Amen.

Great Is The Lord

Great is the Lord. It is wonderful to praise Him. Wherever I am, I think upon Jesus and His awesome presence is with me.

Halloween: The Devil’s Holiday

Halloween is the day of the devil. It glorifies Satan and the dark arts. Satanic decorations on houses also glorify the devil.

Clap Your Hands

Clap your hands, all ye people who believe in Jesus, as Lord. The terror of the Lord is real and those who fear Him.

The Lord Is With Us

The Lord is with us, His body of believers. We encompass all the earth and are among many different Bible beleiving churches.

Ask Jesus To Judge You

It is important to ask Jesus to judge us, convict us of our sins, deliver us, and then plead our case before the Father.

Sorrowful For Our Sins

The moment we think we are sin free is when we need to look at ourselves in the mirror to see if we are really in the faith.

Halloween Is So Evil

The darkest and most evil things are done on Halloween. Haunted houses are all the rage, which hold demonic spirits galore.

The Worker Of Iniquity

Transgressions are heavy on people’s hearts, although the wicked like to mask it like it doesn’t exist.

Utah Mission Trip (10/04/22)

When God calls you to a specific area to witness, go there promptly and with the Holy Spirit giving you words to speak.

Utah Mission Trip (10/03/22)

Jesus said He is the, “I AM”, which is God. There are many that would disagree that have the spirit of the devil.

Utah Mission Trip (10/01/22)

Beware! There are many snakes out there in Mormonism. People who have no desire to learn the truth of God, but to waste our time.