Paul’s Conversion

No matter what you’ve done, there is forgiveness found in Jesus. Call upon His Name in your confessions and you shall be saved.

Born Of The Holy Spirit

Unless you are born of the Holy Spirit you cannot enter the kingdom of God, which is heaven. Don’t be found disappointed come death.

When Persecution Rises

When people come against us because of our faith, we are to let our light shine even more so in proclaiming the name of Jesus.

Asking God For More Boldness

Even when persecutions come, we pray for more boldness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who have ears to hear.

Healings In our Day

Miracles are still happening today as in the early church. But the question is, are you allowing God to work through you?

An Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit

Many people are getting visions from God in these last of days. This is because the Holy Spirit is poured out upon the earth.

Give Up Your Idol Worship

As Christians, we ought to fear the Lord and not have any gods before Him. So we give up our idols and false worship for God.

The Sin Of Homosexuality

Every homosexual needs Jesus in order to be transformed. Pastors also need to step up and speak out against this grievous sin.

The Cross

Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected the third day. This is the gospel we preach. Even forgiveness of sins through Christ crucified.

Ask Your Questions To Jesus

Be found sincerely seeking Jesus through the Bible, prayer, worship, and other means. Then answers will be received by His hand.

Muslim Persecution Prophecy

In life, persecutions will come to those in the faith. But Jesus will help us through it all. He holds us in His mighty hands.

What The Bible Says About Rioting

As believers in Jesus, we are not to take part in or start riots, but are peaceable people. We love God the same as we love one another.

The Roles of The Holy Spirit

Is the Holy Spirit with you? If not, then let God fill you with the Spirit. Baptism is another way this gift is bestowed upon us.