The Importance Of Reading The Bible

Here is what happens when the Bible is removed from our everyday life. We no longer have the direction from God. We may feel a sense of emptiness. We may begin to fear things or even be depressed. Our armor will be shot, therefore temptations will come through that much easier. This means that our ability to fight the evil one will be almost impossible. Therefore, the longer a person doesn’t read the Bible the more sins will pile up in his or her life. And before they know it they will start to justify their addictions like porn, drinking, and more. What is worse is that the person’s motivation to read the Bible will be null and void since other things now have their attention. This is when it is very difficult to talk to counsel somebody who is in this place. But thankfully there are people who want to be rescued from their sinful lifestyle. And for them, we again encourage them to start reading the Bible daily and to pray often. The desire to read will not come naturally in the beginning, for the flesh doesn’t want it. But the more people read by themselves and with others, their minds will begin to be opened up like never before by God. Questions will arise which is good, but also answers will start to come from the Father like never before. This is when the words of the Bible will start to fly off the pages and into their hearts, like food for the soul. And when this happens, their whole life will change in an instant.

Many people I talk to think that the Bible is like any other book. They can read it from cover to cover and then go on to read other books. These same people justify their time reading it in the past when asking them if they are reading it now. But is the Bible just some book that people read? Absolutely not. It is God’s Word to His people. It is a lamp unto our feet. As David said, “how sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” (Psalm 119:103-105) God’s Words do light up our lives. It does make it so that we hate every false and wicked way, for it points us to love what God loves and what He hates. Just reading what the Bible says will point a person to know God’s will for mankind and how they ought to be living their everyday lives. Without this guidance and direction from God, we are simply walking in darkness with nothing to protect us. People may still go to God in prayer, but these people who aren’t reading the Bible will not be as sincere in prayer. Often times these people do quick prayers over food and such, that they may get on with eating and do their own things. So do you think that treating the Bible like any other book is good for us? Absolutely not. The Bible is holy, and allowing God to teach us through it will make us holy also.

Let us pray:
Lord, I pray that people will begin to understand the worth of the Holy Bible in their lives. So many people neglect it and simply open up to read or follow along at church. These same people are missing out on Your guidance and direction. Your light is not among them, for they are now walking in darkness. They have opened the door to sin, and now temptation has power over them. They are not armored through You, Jesus, but have their own flesh to fight the battles. And because our flesh is weak, these people are left in a state of despair, where guilt and shame are pilled up. Many feel like there is nowhere to go for answers in this state of mind. And what has happened is that they have left You, God. They have put aside Your lamp for their lives, which is the Bible. Because they have trampled on it for so long it has become worthless to them. Even is it a burden to open and read when asked about it. Wow! How far the people in this world have fallen. How deep they have allowed sin to take over their lives. I just pray that there will be a fair amount of people that will wake up to their sins before it is too late. I do not wish to know of hell filling up with more people who have lost their faith. But Lord, instill in thousands upon thousands of these types of people a desire to repent. To call upon Your name in all their confessions. Then will they see the need once again to read the Bible daily. And it will become a lamp unto their feet. This I pray, in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Amen.

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