Today’s Prayer (01/04/2021)

Oh Lord, keep us safe from the evil one. Help us to never fall victim to Satan’s evil schemes. Our joy and comfort come from You. We don’t need what the world offers to make us happy, for You have brought all the joy, peace, and love into our lives that we need. We are truly satisfied without the luxuries of this world because Your presence is ever with us. Our treasures are made in heaven, not on earth. To seek You first is the greatest decision I have ever made and I pray that more people will do the same. Then, can they also know what You have said in scripture and allow Your words to change their lives. I may not be well-liked when it comes to people in the world, for my standards come from You alone. When I go out and preach the gospel there are many scoffers and people who very much dislike the message of the gospel. But I know that You are looking for the one who will receive You, which drives me to witness and go out on the streets. May more people come to faith and discover Your truths for themselves. What a glorious day it will be for them when they finally find You also, Jesus. It is my prayer that these new converts to the faith and others that have been around for some time will all come to a unity in the faith. That we will become one in the church, as You are one in the Father. Allow us to become one with You also Jesus and Yours, and our Father also. We worship You and give You praise. We honor You this day and forever. We love You. Amen.
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