Mormons: Stop Doing Works For The Dead

“Now if Christ be preached that he rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead? But if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen.” (1 Corinthians 15:12,13) “Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead?” (1 Corinthians 15:29)

Every day, thousands of Mormons flock to their temples in order to do works for the dead. They do this unknowingly, not knowing that these works are necromancy and an abomination in God’s sight. This is what is so terrible, as the Lord does not approve of anything done on behalf of dead people. He’s already given everyone that has ever lived a chance to be saved, some simply visions and dreams, but on that level they will be judged. Our God is good and knows who is saved and who is not. It is not up to people to try to save those who have passed on to the grave. This was the case in the early church and should be now also. It was Paul, the apostle, that spoke out against people in his time that were performing baptisms for the dead. We should read what he said so that we don’t fall for it as people did then. Paul was talking about a group of people in 1 Corinthians 15 that did not believe in the resurrection. Still, they thought it was important to do baptisms for the dead. This is when Paul began to question them, since not believing in the resurrection would make that not important.

The people I just mentioned were heretics and not in Christ’s church. They did baptisms for the dead. This comes from 1 Corinthians 15: 12,13,29, and those verses are above for you to read. So what does this mean? It means that baptisms for the dead are still wrong today as it was in the early church. Therefore, it is my duty to caution people against joining the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. This is not Christ’s church, but a counterfeit. Jesus’s church is still on the earth today, as there was no apostasy. Jesus is the church and His believers are the members of His body. We make up many different churches, but Jesus knows who we are still. Now back to Mormon temples. They are not of God. Mormons may think their temples are helping dead people, but they aren’t. What they don’t realize is this is Satan’s playground, and nothing from God. Baptisms for the dead is of the devil, and doing works for dead people is a big reason why they have these wicked temples. The Mormon people are deceived into believing false teachings that amount to nothing. Only Jesus can save them. Amen.

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