Today’s Prayer (11/19/2022)

Oh Lord, keep our thoughts pure and holy. May we not give in to the enemy. Surely, His temptations are real and cause many people to do some terrible things. It is fascinating how the enemy comes and makes things seem like they are good in the moment. However, in this pleasure do we fall hard and not realize what we have done until guilt sets in. I have also seen this in myself and others that are unrepentant and prideful. Therefore, Lord, I ask that You will not only humble myself but everyone in the faith. Help us to not feel like we are any better than others. Help us fight against the schemes of the enemy. And if there is any real darkness in our lives that causes us to fall often into the same sin, I pray that these people will get true relief. Send them Godly people to pray over them, and if needed, to cast out any demons in their homes and in them. In Your Name, is every evil spirit cast out and into the abyss. I have seen Your mighty power on display. Your mercy endures forever. There is peace for our souls. I love You, Jesus. Amen.
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