Today’s Prayer (10/17/2022)

Oh Lord, I want the Mormons to know how much I love them. How I am reaching them for Your gospel’s sake, because I want them to go to heaven. I wish that they could see You in me, but they are blinded by what their false prophets have said about us evangelicals. So instead of hearing Your message, most of them laugh, scoff, or don’t listen. Their pride is on full display. Do they really think that their religious apparel on Sundays makes them any better off with You? Why do they put their trust in man instead of You, Jesus. The Bible teaches that You are to lead us now, and not prophets. How can this be so visible in scripture and these lost people still deny these truths when presented? Lord, each time I bring up verses like this in Hebrews 1. They simply say I am misinterpreting what it really says. How the Bible as a whole cannot be trusted, but only if it is translated correctly. Surely, Satan has a hold of their lives. He has taken them by the hand and now the blind is leading the blind. The devil hates You and the Bible. So for him to cause these people to lose trust in Your words is what he’s wanted since the beginning. Lord, wake these people up to know You before it is too late. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.

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