Today’s Prayer (07/16/2022)

Oh Lord, I know that Your judgements are very severe when it comes to the wicked. I also know that the judgments set forth for the righteous are nothing but good. The wicked have dug themselves into their own pits while in this life, where the righteous have dedicated their lives to follow You and so they are transformed. You have covered us through Your blood, Jesus, while everyone else will have to pay for their own sins in hell. I do not wish this punishment upon anyone, especially people I love and respect in this life. I have experienced Your love and am so happy that Your wrath is no longer upon me. Thank You for seeing my potential and the person I am now and not the person I once was. You saw the person I would become and thank God, that You have done a mighty work in my life. If I am transformed through the Holy Spirit, then You have done it all. I believe in You, Jesus, for salvation. There is no other way we can be saved but through believing in You alone. There is so much wickedness in this world. Thankfully, we have Your protection in our lives. Lead us from temptation. I love You. Amen.
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