Today’s Prayer (06/27/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will use many more people to help open the eyes of people in Mormonism. Although their hearts are hard now, through the Holy Spirit in us many more people’s hearts will soften. This life is short and people who are Your witnesses now will soon leave this earth and go to heaven. Therefore, raise up people to go after these valiant men and women in the faith. Help them gain an even bigger insight into the cultish teachings in Mormonism and also help many of them come to know the truth. I love the Mormon people so much as to do whatever I can to lead them out of the fire. Do I know how much more time I have on this earth? No. Surely, You can take me at any time, God. All I ask is that good content from past evangelists and teachers will remain on the web for us to use. Thank You for being our hands and feet, God. I trust in You above all else. Thank You for leading me to people and resources online that have helped me immensely when it comes to my faith in You. This has motivated me to tell people about You, Jesus. Not just things that I feel are true, but what Your Words in the Bible actually say. This is important to me, to always be teaching from the Bible and not from myself. I lift You up and Your holy, holy, holy Bible. I love You, Jesus. You deserve the glory and praise. You are my rock and the pillar of my faith. Amen.
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