Today’s Prayer (05/08/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will make the right decision when it comes to following You and being saved. Truly, there are only two paths in this life. A broad way that leads to destruction and hell in the next life, or a narrow gate that leads to life and paradise in the next life. I am grateful to know that you have placed me on that path that leads to life eternal in heaven. I owe everything to know that I am now saved and will be able to experience Your kingdom when I die. You saved a wretch like me and placed me on a path where there is light. I may have enjoyed what I was doing in the flesh while I lived in willful sin, but this only led me further and further away from You and into darkness. The enemy kept that part from me for so many years, which caused me to think that I could just repent later and I would be fine. Thankfully, You continued to work in me and prick at my heart, in order to help me understand how sinful the things I was doing were. You heard my cries and I am now indebted for Your forgiveness. I owe everything to You, Jesus. I pray that many others will also be saved. I love You. Amen.

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