Today’s Prayer (04/02/2022)

Oh Lord, thank You for another fruitful day in Your harvest. The preaching that Patrick and I both did came from being led by You and not ourselves. You made it effortless and without the need to prepare beforehand. It is amazing how You put the words in our hearts along with verses from the Bible. You also placed the right people at the train depot, in order to hear from You in the exact moment we preached. Thank You, God, for preparing our way. I do pray that people that received the “Mormon Teachings That Don’t Agree With The Bible” handout will also read it and pray about what they found. We helped people understand our bodies are Your temple now, that You are our tabernacle, and high priest. May this sink in, in order for people to know who You are and what You have called us to be. If people would just learn to read the Bible, while searching the scriptures, they would find Your truths on a daily basis through the Holy Spirit. You have warned us of false Christs and false prophets. They are before us in many different cults and religions, especially Mormonism. We had some fruitful conversations with Mormons and I am so grateful, God. Thank You for our time with Adam and Jonathan also. I love You, Lord. Amen.

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