Today’s Prayer (01/16/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will not only use me for Your kingdom but many more Christians also. I know that we have millions of people that say they are Christian, but only a few of them have and are using spiritual giftings for Your kingdom now. Why this is, I may never know. But this does not have to continue this way. First off, I pray for every pastor at different Bible-believing churches. Lead them, Lord. Give them words to speak. Help them awaken people to Your ministry and not just come to church. There is so much that people could be doing with spiritual giftings upon them from heaven, but how can they know about such gifts unless it is taught? Through baptism is when an outpouring of these spiritual gifts comes. May this teaching become crystal clear for every person in the churches. I pray for a hunger for Your Word and to pray like never before in every person’s hearts, not just pastors. Then, will they also desire to go out in the harvest and begin to win souls for You, Jesus. I have loved the times I have gone out and reached people with Your gospel message, Lord. These are the best times of my life. I love You. Doing Your will is what I am called for. I trust in You. Amen.

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