Today’s Prayer (10/27/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will help me stay focused on You, while doing Your will at all times. I do not wish to fall back into previous or even new transgressions. To live for You is my gain in life. I will not let the opposite take hold of me, no matter the amount of riches, or lustful fulfillment I may gain because of the things of this world. I have tasted and tried different things that have led to me dying spiritually. You have been so far from me at those times in my life and it would kill me now to lose Your constant presence again. So Lord, help me to learn from different Christians and also God-fearing men in the Bible, even though many of them have also fallen hard at different times. I admit that I am far from perfect. I fall all the time because of temptation and my conscience becomes seared because of the thoughts that swirl in my mind. This even happened today as I was driving, but thankfully I prayed that You would take those evil thoughts captive, and You did so in that very instant. Thank You for listening to my prayers and helping me overcome the enemy. My flesh was weak and I could have very well continued in those lustful thoughts, but You were able to help me recognize what I was doing was wrong. Only You could help me know how evil those thoughts were. And now I ask for Your mercy to fall upon me, as I did earlier. I am sorry Lord. Lead me from temptation, this day and forever. I trust in You. I love You, God. Amen.

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