Today’s Prayer (08/24/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will look to You in faith even more so now than ever before. If I am right, and we are living in the great tribulation, Your return is at the door. In saying this, I don’t understand how people can play around with their salvation, instead of being serious for Your kingdom. There are so many people that tell me to lighten up and enjoy life, while giving in to things like alcohol, and more. How a little bit of the evils of this world won’t hurt a person. To these people, I call to repentance and to become watchers for Your sake on earth. I wish that people would understand that we can’t bet on tomorrow. Sure, Your return, Lord, could be years to come, but our lives could end tomorrow. And what will people say who delayed the day of their repentance, while living a worldly life now, and died. Surely, our time is now to believe in and follow You while we still have breath. We aren’t promised tomorrow. For this reason, will I continue to do as You command me Lord. What other people say about my obedience to You means little, for they don’t understand the need to abide in You, Jesus, at all times of our lives. This is not salvation by works, but salvation through real faith that leads to doing good works for Your kingdom. Yes, God, Your fruits are in me and I give You glory. I love You, God. Amen.
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