Today’s Prayer (04/11/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will learn what it means to truly fall in love with You. Yes, God, I am talking about a person who loves You, Lord, with all their heart, mind, and strength. People that do this have love flowing from the innermost parts of their soul and it shows on the outside also. As for me, I do love You, Lord. Sometimes it doesn’t show, but know that my heart is for You, God. This life is hard with Satan prowling like a lion in this world. His temptations are fierce and have taken me over when I have not been on my guard. I am just grateful that You have not cast me off when I have fallen into sin, but have continued to take me back in when I do repent. There is no perfect person on this earth, but there are people who truly love You and desire to do Your will above all else. This is what is called faithfulness, and only You can help us become faithful to You every hour and minute of our day. Relying on our flesh will never help us get on the right path, but seeking Your hand constantly will allow us to be led by the Holy Spirit. And Lord, help me to not judge one another, but to help people know the truth instead. Truth can be difficult to take in, especially when people are in sin, but the moment they let Your teachings take root, they know that people were only trying to help them, not judge them. For all judgment belongs to You, oh Lord. Only You can help us think straight and do things that honor You. Keep me on Your path. I need Your help. I love You! In Jesus’s Name. Amen.
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