Today’s Prayer (04/07/2021)

Oh Lord, help each one of us to love one another and to treat people with respect. Not to say and do things that raise up arguments or contention. As Your faithful believers, we are above the dissensions in this world. Too many people are doing just what the world does in bringing people low, just because they think they are right. And this really saddens my soul. It is hard to believe that people who say they love You and their neighbor as themselves could treat people so terribly. To these people, I just ask, Lord, where are You in their lives? Have they stopped seeking Your hand? If they hadn’t, then Your peace and love would still be filling them up each and every hour of our day. Surely, this life is short, and too many people are on the pathway to hell as I pray this. But who is it for us to lead more people from Your path and into the ways of destruction? I say this, Lord, because if people say and do things that cause people to doubt their faith, they are only leading them apart from You. So God, help people to learn to leave judgment to You alone. It is wonderful to share Your truth with people, but not if people are resisting it. That is when we stop and leave them with peace. Yes, God, You have taught us to speak to people who are interested in the gospel, not to push our beliefs on anyone. I know that there is an urgency to get right with You, but not to push people away from following You. I love You, Lord Jesus. For that reason, I will lead people to You. Amen.
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