Today’s Prayer (02/28/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will get right with You now if we are not already. People know deep down in their hearts if their faith is alive or dead. And if I was them, I would be running to You. Even in prayer, I pray that people will confess their sins and unbelief unto You. What a great release this will be for not only themselves then, but for the future, come judgment day. Surely, if we find mercy from Your hand on earth and die having found favor in Your sight, then we have nothing to fear. It is when we are led by the flesh and do things we believe are good, that we forget Your hand for our lives. This is when we drift from the path, and unfortunately, it is so difficult to bring that person back to You. Justifications have already set in for their current lifestyle, and unless the Holy Spirit is there to pierce their hearts it might take years before things click in their hearts and minds. But Lord, I pray that we will not give up on people who have gone astray. That we will continue to pray for them individually, as a family, and as a church. And when the time is right to talk to that person who is broken, we will let You give us the words to speak. Lord, if we are doing the talking, I know that nothing good will come out of it, but more arguments and fights. So please do the work in us. Have Your hand in everything we do. As much I want to be found worthy after I die, I want my friends, family, and others I meet to also be worthy. So help us light up our lamps, that when You do return, we will be ready to meet You. Even before You in judgment, God, will we anxiously await the time that our names are called. I love You, Jesus. You are my God and I worship You. Amen.

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