Today’s Prayer (02/16/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people of all around the world will learn to love You through their actions and not just their belief system. That their faith will speak loudly of how much they truly love You. Even a life saved that shines our light brightly, that Jesus is our Lord. What people need is a relationship with You, but I am afraid that other things have begun to fill this void. The world we live in is so seductive on the outside but so deadly on the inside. I see millions of people on the path of destruction and them not even being aware of it. So wake them up, Jesus. Help me and others in the faith find these lost souls also, that we may help lead them to know You. I know that the seeds we plant can take root in these right people’s lives if they would just turn to You in faith. Faith can move mountains. I believe in You. I love You, God. I give You praise and glory. Even forever and forever. Amen.
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