Today’s Prayer (12/27/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more and more people in the faith will humble themselves, in order for You to do a mighty work in their lives. We know that only You can give us new life and life abundant. Nothing we can do on our own accord will ever lead us to heaven. Therefore, we need You every hour of every day. Even every minute do we seek You. We do not wish to take any part of this life for granted but allow You to be in full control of our lives. So often does the devil try to take me down, but You are much greater than all of his evil schemes. I love it when You come before me when His fiery darts are coming at me. I am not taken down because of sin, but are made even stronger because of Your power and might in me. I am so grateful that You have taken a wretch like me and was able to conform me into Your perfect will. If You had not had hope in me, then I would not have done all the marvelous things You have done by my hands. Yes, God, it is the life You have given me that has become my greatest joy. I thought I knew what joy was like in the past, but I was so wrong. Thank You, God, that I gave up that life, in order to serve You. Now Your light rests upon me for all to see. Praise God. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will be ever with me and other people in the faith. Shine Your light upon every person who is willing to allow You to give them new life also. This I pray that many people will surrender their lives to You. I love You, Jesus. You are my God and I worship You. Amen.
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