Today’s Prayer (06/10/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will become more desirous to live for You and not their own lives. That doing Your will, will become a priority for them. That when people say they love You, that they will actually mean it. That instead of just worshipping in church, that they will also worship You in their home, work, car, and on the streets. Even every day will they come to You in prayer and studying Your Word, which is in the Bible. What I am asking for is more people that are genuine to their belief system and not just say something they don’t care for. Each day I look around and see that Your harvest is so ripe, but there is hardly anyone available to do things for Your kingdom. Instead, people make it a point to tune into their favorite TV Show, sports team, movies, or video games, while all this time is wasted away. So many people that say they are Christians are no different than people of this world. At least the wicked are not hypocrites, but actually do what they say they believe in. Lord, my heart is heavy just knowing that even pastors are teaching their congregation that being obedient to You is no longer important, but to have faith alone. To this, I wonder if these pastors are really saved and covered by Your blood, Jesus. If they were, then they would know that our love for You is shown through our obedience to You. Surely, we love You as we keep Your commandments, as You have taught us, oh Lord. And I know that it was never supposed to be difficult, for You have sent the Holy Spirit to be our comforter. Therefore, doing Your will is that much easier to accomplish. Doing Your will should never be a struggle, for we have the Holy Spirit and even Your angels to bear us up when things are hard. I give You thanks, dear Lord, for being there for us. Even the day that we commit to believe in and do Your will, though it may seem hard in the beginning. I know that You will open doors and allow us to shine forth as You have planned for our lives. Thank You, Lord. I believe in You and will follow You all my days. I love You more than anything. Amen.

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