Today’s Prayer (06/05/2020)

Oh Lord, I love to proclaim the good news of Your gospel on the streets. I love to see people draw near unto You and stray further away from the things of this world. It is amazing to see people want to pray with me for Salvation and desire to be healed. I know it is not me that is leading these people, but You in this prayer of salvation and healing. I have seen many people come to faith, just because I decided to step out of my house and do something great for Your kingdom. Sure, I could have sat idly by and watched some shows on TV or Netflix, but instead, I put those things aside and put You first. Doing this day in and day out has changed my way of life and way of thinking. Now I know that so many things like video games, TV, and phone apps are just time wasters. Surely, this is Satan’s ploy to lure more people away from Your kingdom, and not be for it. This is so sad that people would rather be filled up with the junk of this world, instead of being filled up in Your presence. And how can people go on and say they are Christians if they are not living in Your light? If we were in Your light, then we would be shining forth for all to see. Even our lives would become holy vessels for the building up of Your kingdom. This is where You can take a person like me and rear them up to become Your messenger. Surely, I am not a good speaker. I often stutter and get nervous in big crowds. However, all this changes after I pray and simply step out in faith. All the anxiety is turned into boldness. There is no more fear because Your strength abides in me. My stuttering disappears and I am able to speak with Words from Heaven. You open my mouth and deliver to people glad tidings of great joy. It is life-changing, and we really need more people on the streets with me and others. I see so many people I cannot reach on my own, but they would be reached if people would step out in faith with us. Lord, would You open people’s hearts to become an evangelist? I pray this will happen. In Your mighty Name, I pray this. I love You. Amen.

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